In cultural fashion, how does one generalize the traditional workwear attire?  A laidback, structured mid-length shirt with tailored pants, a high performance power suit or perhaps a basic easy breezy kurta, paired with skinny jeans— such familiar tropes are becoming ever so dated, especially for those whose work falls out of the corporate world’s ambit.  Today’s times call for latitude in strict dress codes and especially with the rise of creative jobs in the digital media, the need of the hour seems to be contemporary workwear choices that translate well into the wearer’s personal style. 

In recent history, we have been taught a constructive lesson: ‘trendy’ and ‘practical’ are not mutually exclusive and in the realm of professional attire, there ought to be a fashionable alternative. Easy wearability has become a pre-requisite to meet the demands of power packed days. Hence, frontrunners in predicting the changing fashion forecast, Oaks is constantly reinventing itself to stay relevant; evidenced in yet another path breaking collection of exclusive women's workwear titled ‘Womanista- Powered by her’. As tag lines go, this one seems pretty apt in its endorsement of dedicated females whose derivative of success is as diverse as their capabilities in donning many hats in life. Multitasking women who know what they want, and look good while doing so.

The changing nature of consumer trends here merits a special mention. Customers are rapidly dispensing fast fashion and the notion of certain clothes only meant to fall in the work wear category, while moving towards a heightened sense of sustainability. This then confirms the preference of working women to now invest in statement pieces that can and should be donned in and outside of an office context. Nowadays women tend to opt for multi functional clothes that can carry them well from a work day to an eve soiree, perhaps even season after season, should the inclination arise.  Ofcourse, that would mean the working woman’s style is not just dictated by preference alone,  but conscientious and sustainable wardrobe choices that are defining the modern sartorial sensibilities.

‘Womanista’ is Oaks’ take on these shifting paradigms in workwear fashion. At the helm of its inspiration is an empowered female whose wardrobe mirrors the effort she puts in her career. An independent woman who may be starting out or fully enmeshed in the demands of professional life without compromising her sense of style. Combined with an ethical outlook in perusing work fashion, the collection is a thoughtful tribute to women in a celebration of their goals as leading pioneers of the future.

At its core, ’Womainsta’ is an offering of minimalistic contemporary styles that let the fabrics reign supreme; hard and soft fabric manipulation results in a texturally rich composition. Nothing busy, very few prints and colors used sparingly. Lots of calm, clean greys, tonal reds, monotone black and whites alongside green variants largely set the overall theme. Quality fabrics are dispersed in one and two pc articles, including Self Jaquared, Dyed Lawn, printed lawn and Dobby Dupattas to capture the crisp feel of the subtle yet impactful clothing line.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to reflect upon the triumphs and successes of women, their resilience and strength , an acknowledgment of their multi dimensional roles and their impact on a progressive, futuristic society. It is worth noting that the Womanista Collection is a culmination of all these ideals and informed by the spirit of today’s woman.

Despite the cyclical nature of vanishing trends, some styles carry permanence; Rooted in this philosophy, Oaks is defying the ephemeral nature of fashion by producing forever favourites in women’s wear that are not confined to any one category alone, nor subject to a set socioeconomic classification. In offering clothing choices to the woman who may be modern or modest, a self starter or an idealist, a home maker or career centric, a student or professional, demure or vivacious, lets just say that the future for Oaks decidedly remains FEMALE!